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Rodrick at the monkey templeTony and Andy at the monkey templeKen and Monique during breakfast at Hotel ShankerThe trekking team in front of our busKeri looks on as Tony displays some video while our bus is stopped for a broken down truck blocking the road.The whole team, plus some friends we met while the road was blocked - they invited us up for tea.Andy at the start of our trek in Gongar KholaNepali children take an interest in Gordon's photographs of themAndy's iphone was a big attraction for the kidsTony at the doorway of a school in SimigoanKen must have burned his tongue on the tea at our first night stop in SimigoanKen shooting Nepali boy Lakpa, who was playing with my camera and managed to get a good shotMonique, Andy, and Tony at lunch stop our second day, on the way to KelcheyExperimenting with configurations of his buff, Andy invents the 'ninja'Ken shooting the river at our 2nd night's stop in KelcheyTony and Monique at Kelchey (2nd night's camp)Bill looking fit after our 2nd day of trekkingLisa at KelcheyGuide Pasang Sherpa and Mark crossing a bridge on the way to BedingKary in the teahouse at Beding